Skateboarding and Individual Expression.

by jameswalk

For me, skateboarding has always been about individual expression, that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this art form.  From an early age skateboarding taught me about being myself, setting my own goals, and following my passions.

Although I see skateboarders as a family, it is still a very individualistic activity. While hanging out with some friends at a recent skate park session, I noticed that everyone was pushing themselves to learn something completely different but we were all totally stoked for each other and cheering on everyone’s unique accomplishments. Whether someone is going for the most difficult trick or just learning to drop in, seeing the excitement on a skater’s face when they learn something new and watching the way they go about challenging themselves is forever one of my favorite parts of skating.


Here is a recent snapshot of one of my favorite skaters, Anna Walker (@nominramen). She is a great example of someone who follows her own unique creative aspirations!