The Importance of Persistence

by jameswalk

Skateboarding exclamates and elevates many life lessons. One of my favorites is Persistence.  If you’ve ever watched a skateboarder going for a trick and witnessed all the times they get close to landing it, walking the fine line between success and serious bodily harm, then you must appreciate their persistence in the face of absolute peril. Try, fall, get back up, repeat. This is a huge part of the essence of skating.

The important thing to remember is that you never know how close you are to accomplishing your goal, it could be the very next try.  If you really want to succeed you must keep pushing yourself because there would be nothing worse than trying something 150 times and then giving up and walking away not knowing that attempt number 151 would have been the winner.

Persistence my friends, if you are physically capable of getting back up, then you have the ability to keep trying.

Here’s a snapshot of Brian from a few weeks ago, he put in some work to get this backside air over the spine at Castle Rock.  I admit I cringed a little bit every time he nearly clipped his back wheels on the copping and bailed on the landing. But like most everyone I’ve ever skated with he kept getting up and going for it and was rewarded with a clean landing a fraction of a second after I snapped this photo.