New Work

by jameswalk

This new painting was created on a reclaimed skateboard using a variety of mixed media techniques. First I collaged the background with pieces of recycled paper, then I put down a few colors of diluted acrylic paint. I used some spray paint to blend the colors into the white part in the middle. I masked off the bottom to create a solid line and used some old bubble wrap to create parts of the texture, I wanted a pattern that subtly reminded me of water.  The images are original photographs that I had taken a while ago, the elephant is one of my favorites and I re-contextualize him often. These images were printed with a toner based machine so that they could be transfered onto the background. I used some water colors on the images before transferring to create some soft color tones. I’ll be posting a more in-depth discussion about transfer techniques in the future. Thanks for looking!