The Pietasters @ The 9:30 Club!

by jameswalk

The Pietasters are one of the greatest live acts out there and The 9:30 Club is one of the best music venues around. Combine the two and you have an incredible evening of solid gold hits impeccably performed at maximum velocity!  To celebrate the 2oth anniversary of the album “Willis” the band delivered a few songs that I hadn’t heard in years and as an added bonus their cover of Apeman by The Kinks was an absolute treat, their ska-soul arrangement of this song was even better than the original.  I always look forward to seeing The Pietasters in any capacity but this annual show was absolutely stellar!

Here are a few snapshots that I made throughout the evening.

Visit The Pietasters’ website for more info on tour dates so that you can catch a show when they come to your town!