….The Pietasters @ Cue Studios!….

by jameswalk

piepodedit0001.…yesterday I spent a really fun afternoon with The Pietasters at Cue Studios in Falls Church, they recorded a pod cast for The Circus Life….it will be available for download Tuesday October 29th, check it out!….piepodedit0002 piepodedit0003 piepodedit0004 piepodedit0005 piepodedit0006 piepodedit0007 piepodedit0008 piepodedit0009 piepodedit0010 piepodedit0011 piepodedit0012 piepodedit0013 piepodedit0014 piepodedit0015 piepodedit0016 piepodedit0017 piepodedit0018 piepodedit0019 piepodedit0020 piepodedit0021 piepodedit0022 piepodedit0023 piepodedit0024