…..”Unconditional” opening reception!….

by jameswalk

unconditional0001.…last night’s opening reception at Foundation Gallery was amazing, thank you so much to all of the talented artists and the people who stopped by to enjoy the work and a very special thank you to Lost Dog Rescue, Matt Corrado, and Vagabond Exhibits!!!!….unconditional0002 unconditional0003 unconditional0004 unconditional0005 unconditional0006 unconditional0007 unconditional0008 unconditional0009 unconditional0010 unconditional0011 unconditional0012 unconditional0013 unconditional0014 unconditional0015 unconditional0016 unconditional0017 unconditional0018 unconditional0019 unconditional0020 unconditional0021 unconditional0022 unconditional0023