James Walker Studios

On The Grind!

Trying to grind through the week with the same determination and confidence that this woman grinds through the deep end of the Leesburg bowl!

Border Collie Portraits

Here is a portrait from a few days ago. Although I often light situations using strobes and other off camera sources, this was shot using all natural light. The morning sun gave some great rim lighting and the white wall that was opposite the pups made for a very nice natural fill reflector.

Limited Edition Print

I have a few of these gorgeous limited edition prints still available!  You can grab one here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com/products/totem

A few snapshots from last weekend

Friends, lest we forget, here is the essence of skateboarding….
Our awesome buddy Nolan (who is becoming quite a ripper) was a little bit apprehensive about dropping in. After some wonderful words of encouragement and a few slightly assisted drop ins he was coming in hot all on his own with a new found confidence and all of the stoke that comes from progressing and overcoming obstacles.
Thank you Anna for always contributing so much love and positivity to this amazing art form we call skateboarding:)

New Sketchbook Pages

Two new pages from my most recent sketchbook.  Testing out some new mixed media processes with copper leaf. These pages are each 8.5″x11″. You can check out some limited edition sketchbook pages for sale here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

We still have a few copies of this beautiful new limited edition print available in our online store, you can pick one up here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com/products/i-still-believe 

This print is limited to only 150 copies and is signed and numbered on archival heavyweight paper.

Graphic Design

Brand new sticker that I recently did as a custom graphic design for Artifact Hard Goods, a new skateboarding hardware company!

Sketchbook pages

PSA and PMA from Brenna!