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I’ve wanted a Dogtown deck since I was twelve. Not sure why it took me 27 years to finally get one but when we stopped by Alpine, our favorite local skate shop, and saw they had all the fresh new decks I decided it was time! I was super stoked to take it for a test drive today at Catoctin Skatepark and I have to say it’s one of the funnest boards I’ve ever ridden.  Thank you to Dogtown Skateboards and Schmitt Stix for putting out these awesome boards and special thanks to Alpine for always stocking the best gear!

Layers, movement, and the In-between

My initial reaction when I saw this photograph was that I wished I would have turned the lens slightly to the left, placed the subject a little more center-frame and in a more traditionally visually acceptable position, not gotten my foot in the way of the wide angle lens, not cropped out her hand, removed the background subjects, ahhh!…..And as I was about to abandon the photo all together, it was my wife (with her sharp eye for interesting images) who exclaimed “I like it”, and caused me to pause for a minute and reevaluate my hasty dismissal.  The more I looked at the photo the more I fell in love with the composition, all of the elements that I thought were “wrong” were actually making the image successful and interesting! My eye was drawn all around the frame, into the image and back out again.  And then I realized what many of my photos have been lacking recently, “layers of information”.  As well as the layers, this photo has tension and movement, unusual bits at the edges, and lines that draw you into the background! By no means am I saying this image is perfect, far from it, but it is much more interesting than a lot of my other recent photos. What I had initially thought was a failed attempt was actually one of my favorite and most rewarding recent photographs! It doesn’t have instant gratification, but photos that are instantly gratifying are too easy, and are often instantly dismissed.  If you can capture an image that invites the viewer to stick around for a little while then you have done something great!

*In this age of digital image making and instant gratification it’s easy to dismiss and delete pictures that don’t immediately appear to be outstanding.  I have to think back to the days of shooting film and squinting at negatives for hours before deciding what to edit, not falling into the habit of making impetuous decisions, coming back for another look. Sometimes it’s the images you capture “in-between” what you think you want that end up being the best!

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The Expansive Beauty Around Us

This new mixed media painting is available here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

The vast majority of my art inspiration comes from everyday experiences and this new piece, combining elements of abstraction, gestural painting, and illustration was partly inspired by photographs that I made recently of a Rhinoceros.  It was the first time I had ever been close to a Rhino and I had no idea how generally peaceful and gentle they are.  For the most part they spend their time roaming the wilderness in contemplative solitude and the ones that I observed seemed to have a very meditative state of mind.

This 18″x22″ piece was created using acrylic paint, aerosol, copper leaf, colored pencils, and ink.

As always you are welcome to view more work here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com


Beginners Luck

This original piece is now available here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

It is also available as a limited edition print, here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com/products/beginners-luck-limited-edition-print


New Sketchbook Pages

….Two pages from my current sketchbook….reinterpreting a previous drawing and keeping current with my figure study practice….

….to view more work please feel free to visit my website www.jameswalkerstudios.com 

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Little Wins

I’ve been watching Neil progress over the past year or so.  I’ve seen him go from tentatively carving a four foot bowl to hitting the coping in the deep end of this eight foot monster.  He said to me that it’s all about getting little wins each you skate, pushing yourself just a little bit harder, getting out of your comfort zone.  It’s not necessarily about learning some epic new trick at every session, it’s about walking away with something more than you started with. It could be as simple as getting your grinds a little smoother, getting your frontside Indy airs a little higher, or dropping in from a new height.  It’s about goals and challenging yourself,  a lesson I’ve been trying to apply to my own skating as well as other aspects of my life.  Thanks Neil.

If you would like to see more skate photos and other snapshots please feel free to check out my website www.snapshotsandsketches.com

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New Work

This new piece is now up for sale in my online gallery www.jameswalkerstudios.com

This 10″x12″ piece was created on a 2″ thick cradled wood panel using acrylic paint, aerosol, watercolor, and printmaking techniques.  The imagery is from original photographs taken by me, and transfered by hand using a special printmaking process that I have been developing over the years.  I have revisited this elephant photo often, finding new ways to reinterpret it and I believe this is one of my most successful pieces to date.

New Sketchbook Pages

Here is a two page spread from my current sketchbook. For this piece I used acrylic and aerosol to create an abstract background. The image is an original photo taken by me and transfered onto the the page using a toner based print making process that I’ve been developing.  I’m particularly happy with the way the lines of the background create a rhythm for the piece and the print making process allows me to work with a digital image in a more analog fashion.  To view more work as well as current work available for sale you can visit my website www.jameswalkerstudios.com

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The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Skateboarding

….I continue to be inspired by this women. In her life and with her skateboarding she constantly challenges herself with incredible drive and tenacity, always competing with past achievements in a never-ending quest for greatness….but it’s never about being better then anyone else, or outdoing what anyone else has done, it’s about discovering ways to be an even better version of who she was yesterday, and finding her own unique way of achieving her goals….When you wake up every morning, or when you grab your board and go out for a session, you have a blank canvas in front of you….just like creating art, or living life, it’s all about what you have to say and offer to the world in your own unique way…..