James Walker Studios

New Work Preview

This new piece is based on an image I made quite a while ago and just recently figured out construct a mixed media piece that conveys the feelings of the original photograph.  For this piece I used a variety of techniques including acrylics, aerosol, collage, and copper leaf. This painting is currently for sale here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

Thank you for looking and please feel free to contact me (james@jameswalkerstudios.com) with any questions regarding the artistic processes involved in creating this piece or any of my other work 🙂

Young Minds

Anna and I recently hosted a private workshop for some young up and coming artists. Here is a snapshot of Liam contemplating his masterpiece and another of him hard at work.  There is nothing more creatively refreshing than being in the company of an artist who is completely in the moment and creating entirely based on intuition, exploration, and fun 🙂

New Work!

This original painting is the newest in a series of art works featuring original photographs of pigeons, one of my favorite subject matters 🙂  This piece is available for sale here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

Ramp Locals

My dad taught me how to build skateboard ramps. We built our first ramp 29 years ago. Here he is supervising the construction of a super fun mini quarterpipe that my wife and I built on Christmas day 🙂

This ramp was built using all repurposed materials and measures 4 feet wide by 26″ tall.

Shop 53!

These two ladies own one of coolest and most unique Tattoo Shop/Art Galleries in the world and Anna I recently had the pleasure of making some photos at their gorgeous location in La Plata. If you’re ever in the area make sure you stop in and check out Shop 53! Visit their website for more info and details about upcoming art exhibitions, www.shop53tattoostudio.com

And check out our website for details about hiring us for your photography needs! www.thewalkercreativegroup.com  

New Work!

I’ve been adding a few new pieces to our online gallery store for anyone looking for a unique holiday gift, this piece is available with free shipping, you can check it out here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

This mixed media painting is the second in a series based on a rescued barn owl that I met recently.

Thanks for looking!

Featured painting of the week!

This week we’re featuring this original mixed media painting.  This piece was created using acrylic, colored pencil, aerosol, and collage. You can check it out in the store here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

Thanks for looking!

The Pietasters @ The 9:30 Club!

The Pietasters are one of the greatest live acts out there and The 9:30 Club is one of the best music venues around. Combine the two and you have an incredible evening of solid gold hits impeccably performed at maximum velocity!  To celebrate the 2oth anniversary of the album “Willis” the band delivered a few songs that I hadn’t heard in years and as an added bonus their cover of Apeman by The Kinks was an absolute treat, their ska-soul arrangement of this song was even better than the original.  I always look forward to seeing The Pietasters in any capacity but this annual show was absolutely stellar!

Here are a few snapshots that I made throughout the evening.

Visit The Pietasters’ website www.thepietasters.com for more info on tour dates so that you can catch a show when they come to your town!



Afternoon light

A portrait of my true love from a walk we took last week. For this image I made the exposure based on the highlight value on the edge of the subject’s face. Afternoon sun always makes for good lighting  and I noticed that it was skimming across the field and lighting the grass from behind, giving it a nice soft glow. Because part of the subject is in shadow the dark tones have a subtle, cool blueish cast which creates a nice juxtaposition to the warm tones in the background. The only post production done to this image was a small adjustment of the levels in Photoshop to give the highlights a slight bump.

Thanks for looking!



Sunday Afternoon

I’ve spent the past 17 years in the company of Border Collies.  Lately I’ve been trying to be more aware of the way Brenna lived her life and the way Scully lives every day, enveloped in the present moment, unconcerned with the past or future and all the silly things that drag us humans down, fearless and focused, and with genuine love and gratitude for existence. I’ll never reach a Border Collie level of awareness, but I’ll be happy to ever get anywhere close. Very special thanks to Anna for capturing this amazing photograph! Check out more of her amazing work here: www.shredasylum.com